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The Trans-generational Impact of Trauma



Karen Alter-Reid, Ph.D.                                             Ruth Heber, Ph.D.


Presenter Info:


Dr. Karen Alter-Reid is a clinical psychologist and EMDR Institute Regional Trainer. She is Faculty, EMDR Senior Consultant and Trainer at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies’ Integrative Trauma Program. As Co-Coordinator of the Fairfield County TRN, she has overseen trauma/EMDR education and treatment of first responders, and created a “Therapy for Therapists” program. She presented at EMDRIA conferences on her work with first responders and therapists. Currently, she is Clinical Consultant to a research project using the Reverse Protocol with court-involved youth. She co-authored a chapter with Dr. Ruth Heber, “The Trans-generational Impact of Anti-Semitism: Searching for EMDR Targets to Heal Internalized Stigma and Expand Identity.”


Ruth Heber, Ph.D. is a Psychologist and maintains a private practice in New York City. She is EMDR Institute Facilitator and EMDRIA Approved Consultant. In 1994, she formed the SIG - “Integrating EMDR and Psychoanalysis.” Her special focus is cross-generational, secondary, and vicarious traumatization. She lectures about EMDR, conducts bridge courses, individual and group supervision, and ongoing study groups. She works extensively with PTSD in populations of Holocaust survivors, war veterans, and victims of child abuse. Following the World Trade Center attack, she worked with survivors, first responders, and the therapists who, themselves affected, were conducting treatment. She continues to supervise at the NIP Integrative Trauma Program as well as other trauma programs in NYC.


The Trans-generational Impact of Trauma


Participants will learn three methods to identify cases where trans-generational transmission of trauma may be present and affecting current symptom presentations.





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eLearning Catalog


Getting Back to Our Roots:
Processing Trauma and Basic Protocols of EMDR

Presented by: Priscilla Marquis and Christie Sprowls

Integrating Internal Restructuring with EMDR and Adults with Attachment Trauma
Presented by: Ann Potter and Debra Wesselmann

Ten Keys to Culturally Attuned and Effective EMDR Therapy
Presented by: Mark Nickerson

The Trans-generational Impact of Trauma
Presented by: Karen Alter-Reid and Ruth Heber

EMDR in VA Healthcare: A History and a Future
Presented by: Harold Kudler

EMDR Therapy with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Presented by: Derek Farrell

Unveiling the Updated MID Analysis 4.0
Presented by: Jennifer Madere and D. Michael Coy

Phase One Simplifying Case Formulation,
History Taking and Target Sequence

Presented by: Andrew Leeds

EMDR Therapy with Emotionally Focused Therapy for Traumatized Couples
Presented by: Mark Knox

EMDR Facilitated By Internal Family Systems
Presented by: Joanne Twombly

Integrative EMDR Family Therapy Model for Treating Children
Presented by: Debra Wesselmann and Stefanie Armstrong

EMDR Therapy Integrating Pschology and Physiology
in Clinical Practice

Presented by: Darra Murphy

Treating Interpersonal Dependence and
Pathological Bonding Patterns

Presented by: Arun Mansukhani

EMDR Therapy with Children with Complex Trauma
New Frontiers in Theory

Presented by: Ana Gomez

Ego State/Parts Work in EMDR Psychotherapy:
From Essentials to Advanced

Presented by: Andrew Seubert

Teaching Kids to Play EMDR Therapy
Presented by: Ann Beckley-Forest and Annie Monaco


Mindfulness and the 8 Phase Protocol
Presented by: Stephen Dansiger


Mechanisms of Action in EMDR Therapy
Presented by: Andrew Leeds

LENS Neurofeedback and EMDR Therapy
Presented by: Ulrich F. Lanius

The Girl in the Mirror
Presented by: Andrew Seubert

EMDR Therapy Preparation for Adults with Attachment Trauma
Presented by: Ann Potter and Debra Wesselmann

Understanding and Treating Catastrophic Shame
Presented by: Richard Chefetz

A Clinical Model for Treating Complex PTSD with EMDR
Therapy Among Veterans

Presented by: E.C. Hurley

Once A Warrior - Always A Warrior
Presented by: Charles Hoge

EMDR Therapy from Trauma to Spiritual Awakening
Presented by: Irene Siegel


Dickerson Series


Integrating Neurobiology & EMDR: Part 1
Presented by: Dean Dickerson

Integrating Neurobiology & EMDR: Part 2
Presented by: Dean Dickerson

Integrating Neurobiology & EMDR: Part 3
Presented by: Dean Dickerson

Integrating Neurobiology & EMDR: Part 4
Presented by: Dean Dickerson

1-Day Conference Series


State of the Art EMDR
Presented by: Roger Solomon, Gary Loomis, David Arbeitman, & Ross Goodwin-Brown

Serving Those Who Served:
EMDR Therapy with Military Veterans

Presented by: Ted Olejnik

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