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EMDRIA E-News: March 2018





March 2018


Making Progress in Uncertain Times:

EMDRIA Executive Director

to Membership

There doesn’t seem to be much that is stable these days, in the US, or in the world. There are political tensions, war and violent conflict, and financial uncertainty for many. In the US, we seem to be in danger of losing a true sense of shared norms, values, and even agreement about what constitutes a fact. While these few sentences may not paint a rosy picture, the good news we all know is that while we can’t prevent every bad thing from happening, we have tools and a therapy that can offer healing, health, and hope. Knowing that can give us purpose and a path forward.

In the same way that a therapist can’t resolve every ill that may beset an individual or family, EMDRIA does not have the capacity to resolve every issue that is facing our therapeutic community and membership. But as an organization, we, too, have tools that can offer help, and empower change for our members. In 2018, in a new and focused way, the leadership of the organization is energized and engaged in utilizing those tools to create helpful resources for our members.

One of the most significant resources that we as a therapeutic community have—one of our most powerful tools—is the ear. I mean that both literally and metaphorically, of course. Therapists are trained listeners, hearing beyond words to the pain inside the words, and the aspirations of hope that lie there as well. What I have learned over the years working with therapists is that while it is natural to apply those skills when engaging those who come to us for care, it is another thing altogether to create the processes, mechanisms, and skills within an organization. While it is a natural inclination, it is something of a parallel skill set to build the capacity to hear, understand, and respond, to a diverse set of needs as expressed in a membership like EMDRIA’s.

Our Board and staff leadership recognize that for EMDRIA to thrive, and for all of us as a therapeutic community to realize our common purpose and mission, we must build and sustain our “ears” inside our organization. It will take concerted and consistent effort on our part to listen with understanding so that we can jointly build the resources and outreach we need. I am in the job of Executive Director because I want us to do whatever we can as an organization to ensure you have the training, skills, knowledge to do your best, most impactful work. I want you to have the opportunity to offer your services to a receptive public and to be embraced in health systems. Continue reading here ...

EMDR in the News:

Did you See?


[EMDRIA Member] Tricia Kim Walsh shows us how to better understand ourselves in this poignant, personal talk. Her story of self-discovery will make you change the way you think about "connections". Discover the powerful therapy of EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing that can help people to heal from their traumas."

Click here to view the full video posted on our Facebook page.

 Nominate Your Colleague


Nominate your colleague for one of this year's EMDRIA Awards! EMDRIA Awards honor the amazing contributions of our members. Award Winners will be recognized in front of their peers at the 2018 EMDRIA Conference in Atlanta, GA, this October

To view a list of Awards and their descriptions and to nominate a fellow colleague, click here.

Nominations are due by May 15, 2018.

 March Member Spotlight:

The goal of the EMDRIA Member Spotlight is to showcase our incredible members, who are respected and admired for their community dedication, strong work ethic and professional leadership. 

March Featured Members:

Mary Greiner, LCSW
Heather Yasolsky, LPC

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View past featured members by clicking here.


Conference Announcements

Atlanta, GA | October 4-7

Keep an eye out for our upcoming announcement for submissions for the 'Call For Posters' for the 2018 EMDRIA Conference in Atlanta in the next few weeks!



 The 2018 EMDRIA Conference will be held within the Hilton Atlanta Downtown (255 Courtland Street, NE) on October 4-7. EMDRIA has sold out of our host hotel rooms in the past - don't wait until it is too late!


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Exhibitor, Advertisement and Sponsorship opportunities are available for 2018! Optimize your experience with face to face opportunities.


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Upcoming International EMDR Conferences

 EMDR Canada
2018 EMDR Canada
Annual Conference

EMDR Therapy: Interweaving Methodologies for the Future


Palace Royal Hotel, Québec City (Province of Québec), April 13-15


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 EMDR Canada
2018 EMDR Europe
Annual Conference

EMDR: A Crossroads between psychotherapy 

and neuroscience


Strasbourg, June 29 - July 1


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