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Board Committees

Audit Committee  | Diversity Committee  |  Executive Director Review Committee

Leadership Committee  |  Long Range Planning Committee  | New Frontiers Committee

Nominating CommitteeOwnership Linkage Committee 

Structure, Function and Bylaws Committee

Audit Committee

Committee Members: Carol Miles, MSW, LCSW; Mischa Peck, MA, MSW, Ph.D.; Jorge Torres-Saenz, Psy.D.

The Audit Committee provides a crucial link between the Board and the independent auditor, and serves a key role in helping the Board to fulfill its fiduciary duty to oversee EMDRIA’s finances.

The Audit Committee performs the following functions:

  • Recommends to the Board the selection of the independent auditor who reports to the Audit Committee.
  • Makes recommendations regarding the scope of the audit.
  • Reports to Board on review of audited financial statements and management letter from auditor and auditor’s financial review.
  • Establishes policies to prevent financial fraud.
  • Evaluates internal control environment.


Diversity Committee

Chair: John Hartung, Psy.D.
Committee Members: Diane DesPlantes, LCSW; Mark Nickerson, LICSW; Jorge Torres-Saenz, Psy.D.


Executive Director Review Committee


Committee Members: DaLene Forester-Thacker, Ph.D., LMFT; Mark Nickerson, LICSW; Mischa Peck, MA, MSW, Ph.D.; Jorge Torres-Saenz, Psy.D.

Leadership Committee

Chair: DaLene Forester-Thacker, Ph.D., LMFT
Committee Members: Diane DesPlantes, LCSW; Carol Miles, MSW, LCSW;  Mischa Peck, MA, MSW, Ph.D.

Purpose of the Leadership Committee:

  • To help prepare members for volunteer services and to foster development of leadership skills,
  • To oversee coordination of volunteer services,
  • To nominate a slate of qualified candidates for the Officers and Directors positions on the Board,
  • To oversee Board orientation,
  • To determine which awards will be presented at the Awards Ceremony at the annual conference and to select recipients for such awards   (This portion of the committee would include the Chair of the Research Committee as well as regular committee members) Such communications are an integral part of the Board’s main responsibility, which is to create vision and to develop pertinent and congruent goals for the organization.


Long Range Planning Committee

Committee Members: DaLene Forester-Thacker, Ph.D.; John Hartung, Psy.D.; Mark Nickerson, LICSW; Mischa Peck, MA, MSW, Ph.D.; Jorge Torres-Saenz, Psy.D


New Frontiers Committee

Chair: Diane DesPlantes, LCSW
Committee Members: John Hartung, Psy.D.; Carol Miles, MSW, LCSW



Nominating Committee

Chair: Mark Nickerson, LICSW
Committee Members: Dean Dickerson, Ph.D., A.A.E.T.S.; Susan Packwood, LCSW; Gary Peterson, M.D.


Ownership Linkage Committee

Chair: Jorge Torres-Saenz, Psy.D
Committee Members:  Diane DesPlantes, LCSW
John Hartung, Psy.D.; Carol Miles, MSW, LCSW

The Ownership Linkage Committee is a standing committee of the EMDRIA Board.  It is charged with promoting effective communication between the Board and its EMDRIA members, as well as others who may derive benefit from EMDRIA’s work to foster the integrity and practice of EMDR.

Structure, Function and Bylaws Committee

Chair: Mark Nickerson, LICSW
Committee Members: Diane DesPlantes, LCSW; John Hartung, Psy.D.; Jorge Torres-Saenz, Psy.D

The Structure, Function, and Bylaws Committee provides support to the EMDRIA Board, staff, and membership, in relation to the Bylaws that govern the organization. The membership grants the board its authority through the by-laws. 
The members of the committee function as parliamentarians to ensure an orderly process in Board Meetings.  The committee provides oversight regarding adherence to the By-laws, the Carver Model of governance, and compliance with rules of order. The Committee monitors the need for change or revision of the Bylaws, and advises and assists the Board regarding procedures to follow to effect a change.

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